Instantly scalable in line with the Government Track and Trace demands

X-Lab has designed a systems integration platform to digitise the flow of information between labs, improving speed and accuracy in the lab to lab business model. X-Lab shifted focus in 2020, working with the Government to process large volumes of Covid-19 tests as part of the national Track and Trace programme. However a number of the systems and services needed to process tests were hosted on the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN) and X-Lab’s incumbent solution was hitting bandwidth allowance constantly. 

Learn about how Cloud Gateway was able to provide an end to end connectivity solution to connect X-Lab’s cloud environment to the HSCN in just 11 days from the first engagement, allowing X-Lab to scale rapidly.

Download the case study and find out how:

  • X-Lab have been able to scale quickly to exceed Track and Trace demands
  • HSCN connectivity can instantly scale in line with the Government testing targets as part of the Track and Trace pillars
  • X-Lab can extend work with UK based labs as well as support international expansion for labs needing to send test data back to the UK