Q doctor gets 300 clinicians back to work remotely in 48 hours

With HSCN Connectivity from Cloud Gateway

The Covid-19 pandemic increased demand on urgent care services and put the entire NHS under pressure in many various ways. Q doctor, a technology provider that removes barriers for patients to access medical advice and treatment, has brought 300 clinicians back to work, enabling remote patient care, using its virtual workplace system. Find out how Q doctor was able to achieve this by scaling the capacity of its Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) connection with Cloud Gateway within just one week. 

Download the latest case study to learn more about how:

  • 300 clinicians were able to provide remote patient care using the virtual workspace system within 2 days of deployment
  • Q doctor is helping healthcare providers dealing with the pressures of Covid-19 to improve patient outcomes, including at London’s Covid-19 Isolation Centre at Heathrow
  • Q doctor’s solutions will support NHS England’s target of 30% reduction in face to face outpatient appointments
  • And much more...