Manage the PSN closedown with full visibility and control

The PSN is no longer fit for purpose. With technology advancements and a clear desire across the public sector to make better use of cloud, there are significant cost efficiencies and modernisation benefits which can be realised. 

The latest GDS announcements have set an ambitious target to close down the PSN by as early as 2023. However, with many organisations lacking the in-house expertise to manage this transition, challenges of spiralling costs and disruption to services need to be mitigated.

Download the ebook to find out how you can address the need for urgency to meet ambitious timeframe targets, how to maintain access to services with no interruption for your users and how to set your organisation on the pathway to cloud adoption and digital transformation. 

Learn more about:

  • The latest guidelines from GDS and what they mean for you
  • What steps are needed to start the transition journey
  • How to overcome the challenges that lie ahead