“Digital technology allows us to automate our infrastructure, adapt to user needs, and listen to data. In turn, this helps us deliver a better service to citizens." - National Policing Digital Strategy 2020

The emergence of new technologies, particularly cloud, provides an opportunity to transform legacy infrastructure, processes and services in a way that supports UK police forces in meeting existing and future challenges. The NPDS identifies cloud as a key enabler for meaningful and sustainable transformation that will facilitate better outcomes for UK citizens.

In this guide, learn:

  • How to overcome common obstacles to transformation across UK police forces
  • How to build a strong digital foundation inline with the NPDS
  • What the NPDS roadmap means for your force
  • What steps to take to become a Police Force of the Future

The ebook provides you with the answers and insights you need to make an informed decision about the best way forwards for your force, regardless of what stage you’re at on your digital transformation journey.